Secondary Framing

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Secondary Framing

Structural sections are manufactured using ASTM A 1011 grade 50, class 2 (55 KSI minimum yield) with a red oxide finish or ASTM A 653 grade 50, class 2 (55 KSI min yield) with a G90 galvanized finish.

Cee or Zee shapes with web depths of 4", 6", 8", 9", and 12" in a variety of symmetrical or unsymmetrical flanges.

Special shape single or double slope, high side or low side eave struts are available. A variety of angles, channels, and hat sections are also available, please inquire. Contact Metal Sales for load-carrying capabilities.

Cees and Zees
Cee LGSI Zee
Cee LGSI Zee Standard Zee
Eves Struts
Single Slope double slope Universal
Single Slope Double Slope Universal
Channels, Hat Sections, and Base Angles
Channel Channel Hat Section
Channel 1-1/2" Channel 1-1/4" Hat Section
Base Angle Sub Girt Hat Section
Base Angle 1" Sub-girt 1-5/8" Hat Section

Other components are available. Please inquire.