Chances are, you currently have a shingle roof and you are debating whether to make the switch to a metal roof. Did you know you do not have to remove your shingles to put on a metal roof? Our Multi-Rib panel gives you the option to apply directly over shingles, no tear-off required!

, Can You Put Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

Determining if a Roof-Over is Right for You

You should have your roof inspected by a professional roofer to check for the following:

  • Leaks or issues that need to be resolved
  • Wood under the shingles is not rotted
  • The condition of the shingles
  • How many layers of roofing are already on your home

In addition to checking the condition on the current roof, you, or your roofer, should confirm with the county that more than one layer of roofing is permittable.

Why Should You Not Remove the Shingles?

  • Leaving the shingles can result in a lower installation price, the contractor will not have to bill for the removal and disposal of the shingles.
  • It is eco-friendly. You will not be adding shingles to the overflowing landfills.
  • The shingles will act as an extra layer of protection. The shingles add another barrier between water and the decking.


There are two main methods when installing metal panels over shingles. The first is to apply an underlayment directly on top of the shingles. The new underlayment has two benefits: it is an extra barrier for any water that gets through the metal and it prevents the shingles from rubbing against the panels. Over time the granules from the shingles could imprint on the metal panels, the underlayment helps prevent any imprinting.

The other method is to install 1 x 4 purlins throughout the roof. The purlins allow for a flat surface for the metal panels. Shingles can create irregularities along the surface. The purlins also create an air space, which is great for insulation. Take advantage of the air space and add in rFOIL and block up to 97% of radiant heat transfer!

, Can You Put Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

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