With the ever-increasing demand for “greener” lifestyles and Energy Star certified houses, homeowners are continuously looking to do their part in environmentally friendly home improvements. Metal roofing is considered the most environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing material on the market. Metal roofs save energy costs, are easily compatible with solar panels and are 100% recyclable! How does it get better than that? Let’s talk about it!

, Go Green with Metal Roofing

Environmental Impacts

Metal roofing is 100% recyclable! Did I say that already? It’s worth repeating, what other roofing material is? None! Not only is the metal roofing recyclable at the end of its long lifetime, most metal roofs are typically made with a percentage of recycled material. Not that you’ll need to recycle it in your lifetime, as metal roofs can last 40 – 50 years PLUS depending on the roof, environment and how well it’s maintained. How’s that for making the world a greener place?

Shingles, however, are produced with petroleum-based products and need to be replaced every 10-15 years. *Approximately 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. landfills every year! EEK!

If you are considering ways to reduce your carbon footprint, metal roofing is a big one!

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing has a less harmful impact on our environment… and your wallet! Converting to metal roofing can reduce your energy costs by 10-25% or more. How? The high solar reflectivity and emissivity levels!

Solar reflectance is the most important characteristic of a roof product in terms of yielding the highest energy savings during warmer months. The higher the solar reflective value the more efficient the product is in reflecting sunlight and heat away from the building and reducing roof temperature.

Solar Reflectance Index is a measure of a surface’s ability to reflect the sun’s solar energy (solar reflectance) and emit heat (emissivity). Our color cards indicate the SRI value of each color available and all of our paint colors are Energy Star rated!

Metal roofing reflects the radiant heat, whereas asphalt roofs absorb the heat. The color of your cool metal roof can also play a role in its solar reflectivity. The white or light color metal roofing can make a home up to 10 degrees cooler than a darker one.

Solar Panels

If you are looking to add solar panels, or have existing solar panels, metal roofing just became your best friend. The addition of solar panels to a metal roof is a sure way to reduce your energy costs even more. Better yet, it’s easily installed on metal roofing panels.

The solar panels can often be installed with the addition of a simple clip or bracket system that is attached to the rib of the standing seam panels without having to drill holes in your new roof! Often when solar panels are installed on shingle roofs mounts are installed that must penetrate the roof itself, creating an area that’s more likely to leak in the future.

, Go Green with Metal Roofing

Save the planet and your wallet by considering a metal roof for your home today! To learn more about metal roofing options, check out our website!

It gets better still; we now offer financing for metal roofing materials. It’s quick and easy to apply and allows you to make that home improvement switch now instead of later! Click here for more information!

About Mid-Florida Metal Roofing

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