Aside from metal panels and flashing, your roof will require several important accessories to keep it intact. Mid Florida Metal Roofing Supply recommends and provides the top-quality accessories needed to install your roof.


You want to make sure that all exposed fasteners are long-life; it will make all the difference in the performance and lifespan of your metal roof. If even these small parts fail, it can result in costly issues or repairs down the road. Keep in mind, most manufacturers require long-life fasteners to be installed to keep the warranty offered on the metal panels. All our screws are available in color options to match your panels!

, Keeping Your Metal Roof On
*Warranted Fasteners


In addition to using quality screws, you want to ensure all the proper closures are used to make your roof watertight. Closure strips should be used along the ridges, hips, valleys, and eaves. To close your ridge, you can choose the standard closure, or you could choose an upgraded razorback ridge vent. The razorback will allow for ventilation out of the ridges, while keeping the sleek look of the metal. An effectively ventilated metal roof helps to prevent energy waste and excess cooling costs that can occur when attic heat builds up with nowhere to escape.

, Keeping Your Metal Roof On
*Standard Closure

, Keeping Your Metal Roof On
*Razorback Ridgevent

Correct ventilation can also prevent heat and moisture damage to your insulation which also affects your energy savings.


We recommend using single bubble rFoil as insulation. With the proper amount of airspace, the rFoil can block up to 97% of radiant heat transfer!

, Keeping Your Metal Roof On


Another important accessory to decide on is the underlayment. While felt is approved by building codes, it is an inferior product. So much so, that Mid Florida Metal Roofing Supply does not offer it. A better underlayment would be a synthetic underlayment, and the premium underlayment is a high-temperature peel and stick. Our water and ice protection peel and stick underlayment consists of fiberglass-reinforced rubberized asphalt laminated to an impermeable film layer to provide dual-barrier water protection. Withstanding temperatures up to 250°F, it is ideal for use under metal and provides unsurpassed protection from water penetration caused by wind-driven rains.

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Accessories are arguably the most important components of your metal roof. Quite literally, without them your roof would not stay in place. Don’t skip out on them, contact your Mid Florida Metal Roofing Representative for more information on the necessary accessories.

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