Hurricanes and Your Roof

Are you worried about the roof of your Florida home? Hurricane season officially kicks off June 1st and lasts until the end of November. Our premium metal roof panels may be your best defense and the last roof you ever need to purchase!

Need Convincing?

Below is a home surrounded by destruction caused by Hurricane Michael. You can see the metal roof is still fully intact!

, Metal Roofs: Your Best Defense Against Hurricanes

Metal roofing, if installed properly, can withstand hurricane force winds! Metal panels will not easily detach from the roof like shingles will. This means you will have less of a mess in your yard during storm cleanup. The way the panels overlap and interlock makes them stronger and harder for winds to penetrate – decreasing chances of uplift. Shingles have many seams, meaning, many entry points for water. Metal panels have less seams and less screws than a traditional shingle roof.

How to Prepare for the Storm

  1. Do a visual check for missing or loose shingles/panels, loose screws or flashing that is not fully secured, and check roof penetrations to ensure they are sealed properly. If you are concerned about something get an inspection or call your roofer to make those repairs.
  2. Trim nearby trees. Check for dead, broken, or oversized limbs hanging over your roof and clear them out. Clear your yard of debris or loose items.
  3. Clean all gutters and drains. Clogged gutters prevent water from draining properly from your roof. Hurricanes bring a lot of rain and with nowhere to go, water can sit on your roof and cause damage.
  4. Cover your windows and glass doors. Many run to buy plywood to cover these areas. We can provide metal panels to cover your windows and glass doors. When the storm is over you can store them and reuse them later, unlike plywood, which needs to be thrown away and repurchased for the next storm.

, Metal Roofs: Your Best Defense Against Hurricanes

Contact a trusted local roofer to get on their schedule for an estimate. Get tips on how to select the right roofer for you from our blog here.

About Mid-Florida Metal Roofing

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