Many people chose a standing seam metal roof due to the clean, sleek look it offers. While the panel does perform the best, there is one minor aesthetic condition that occurs in all metal panels but is most prominent in standing seam and 5V, called oil canning. Oil canning is caused by the expansion and contraction of the metal as it heats and cools every day. The appearance is the visible waviness and buckling in the flat areas of the panel. There are several factors that can contribute to the appearance of oil canning in the panels starting with manufacturing and ending after installation.

At Mid Florida Metal Roofing Supply, we ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken in the ordering of raw material, production, and handling of all material to reduce the appearance of oil canning. We inspect the raw material upon arrival for any defects and confirm that it matches the State of Florida requirements. We also inspect the roll formed product to confirm that it matches the specifications of the machine manufacturer and the Florida Product Approval quality assurance specification.

Proper installation is also important in reducing oil canning. An uneven deck could lead to more visual appearance of oil canning. Overdriving screws and clips also during installation enhances the appearances of oil canning.

Although precautions are taken during fabrication and installation, oil canning cannot be prevented. Because metal expands as it heats up and contracts when it gets cooler, oil canning can occur. The appearance of oil canning on a metal roof can change throughout the day, as well as how the sun shines on the panels.

, Oil Canning: What is it?

Choosing a panel of a thicker gauge will help disguise the appearance of oil canning. Mid Florida Roofing Supply only offers our standing seam panels in a 24-gauge material. Adding the 2 rib striations or wavy striations will create a visual diversion and can help disguise oil canning. Another way to disguise oil canning would be to choose a lighter color. Dark colors enhance the stress and makes it more noticeable than a lighter color would.

, Oil Canning: What is it?

The appearance of the oil canning varies quite a bit depending on the color, finish, time of day, time of year, or even just the angle the metal is viewed from. There is no cure or remedy that will protect against oil canning, especially because it is just the nature of metal to try to revert back to its original form. A silver lining of oil canning is that, when it does occur, it is just a cosmetic surface-level issue and does not affect the structural integrity of the panel system.

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