Oil Canning & Ribbing

As a manufacturer of Standing Seam metal roofing MFMRS strives to educate each of our customers about all of the products they are purchasing or may consider purchasing.

Please see attached here some technical/informational articles in regards to Oil Canning for you to read and understand the effects.

In general, oil canning is an aesthetic condition with no effect on the structural integrity of the deck. Since many uncontrollable factors can lead to oil canning, Mid Florida Metal Roofing Supply, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the cost of actions taken in response to an oil canning condition. Oil Canning is not grounds for panel rejection.

Stiffening ribs or Striations can be added to the center of the panel to minimize the visual effects. The ribbing does not remove the Oil Canning but can disguise the appearance of it. Please indicate below if you would like your product manufactured with or without ribbing.

As the manufacturer we ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken in the ordering of raw material, production and handling of all material to reduce the appearance of oil canning. We inspect the raw material upon arrival for any defects and confirm that it matches the State of Florida requirements as well as inspect the roll formed product to confirm that it matches the specifications of the machine manufacturer and the Florida Product Approval quality assurance specification.

Standing Seam Ribbing Disclaimer

Striations and/or Ribbing are minor stiffening ribs in the center of a standing seam panel. It is understood that the striation and/or ribbing is used to minimize the visual appearance of Oil Canning and without it, it may be more noticeable.

Oil Canning is an aesthetic condition and is not grounds for panel rejection.

, Standing Seam Disclaimer

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, Standing Seam Disclaimer

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