“It’s the little things.”

Metal roofing fasteners may seem like such a small portion of a rather large roof system; however, they are what literally hold your roof together. When you think about it, your fasteners are a significant part of the roof performance, and truly the entire building.

You want to make sure that all exposed fasteners are long-life; it will make all the difference in the performance and lifespan of your metal roof. If even these small parts fail, it can result in costly issues or repairs down the road. Keep in mind, most manufacturers require long-life fasteners to be installed in order to keep the warranty offered on the metal panels.

, The Importance of Long-Life Fasteners

Why Should I use Long-Life Fasteners?

According to a recent study conducted by the Metal Construction Association, a properly installed Galvalume roof can be expected to last upwards of 60 years.

The key words there are “properly installed”. Proper installation can vary based on the job, roof type or even by geographical location of the roof, but there’s one thing all proper roof installations have in common and that is the use of long-life fasteners.

The life of your exposed fastener should match or exceed, the life expectancy of the metal roof itself. There are a variety of long-life fasteners, so it is important to do your research or inform your contractor that you want long-life fasteners so the correct fastener will be selected for each job. The installation of each fastener is crucial as well. Fasteners that are over-driven or under-driven can lead to a bad seal which ultimately leads to a leaky roof. (See below)

, The Importance of Long-Life Fasteners

Metal roofing is more expensive (initially) when compared to traditional shingle roofing, so it’s normal for contractors or homeowners to want to save money wherever they can. Occasionally, contractors or homeowners will use long-life screws over most of the installation, and switch to a regular screw for flashing or stitch screws. In these cases, the regular screws rust first and will need to be replaced, causing another expense (and headache). Although long-life screws can be more expensive price than regular screws initially, it truly saves you money in the long run to invest in long-life fasteners.

The key to a metal roof that lasts 60+ years is using the best material, so you get the fullest lifespan possible.

Failure to use long-life fasteners can reduce the lifespan of your metal roof by 40 years or more. WOW!

Below is an image of exposed non-long-life screws that began to rust and spread to the roofing panels.

, The Importance of Long-Life Fasteners

Painted or not, a non-long-life fastener will eventually rust. Rust from the non-long-life fastener will transfer down to the roof panels, creating a hole (and another leak in your roof). The following image is a side by side comparison of a long-life screw and a non-long-life screw over the years.

, The Importance of Long-Life Fasteners

The Good News!

If you are reading this and know the installation of your roof was completed with non-long-life fasteners you can replace them with long-life fasteners. Standard metal roofing screws are #10 or #12, “Oversized” long-life fasteners are available if you have screws that have been stripped out or if you are wanting to replace your non-long-life fasteners with long-life fasteners. (See below for Oversized screw information)

, The Importance of Long-Life Fasteners

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