When it comes to installing a metal roof, many people know it requires some flashing. What most do not know is that there are several different components to your roof and each component requires a different type of flashing. In order to most efficiently communicate with your roofer or sales representative at Mid Florida Metal, it is best to familiarize yourself with the different flashings.

, What is Roof Flashing?

Getting Acquainted with the Proper Terms

Most Common Flashings:

  • Ridge (1R, 2R, 39, or 40): This is the peak of your roof, where two slopes meet.
  • Hip (1H, 2H, 39, or 40): The external angle at which adjacent sloping sides of a roof meet. Usually will connect a ridge to an eave, but not always.
  • Eave (45): The horizontal, lower slope of the roof. Often referred to as “drip edge.”
  • Rake (31): The edge of the slope of the roof, usually from the eave to the ridge. Is sometimes also referred to as a “gable end.”
  • Valley (25): The internal angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes to provide water runoff.
  • Pipe Boot: Covers and protects pipes protruding from your roof. Available in a range of sizes.

Less Common Flashings:

  • Sidewall (11): The area where a sloped roof meets a wall.
  • Endwall (15): The area where a horizontal section of roof meets a wall.
  • Transition (67): The section on where two different pitched roofs meet.

Mid Florida Metal Roofing Supply is your one-stop-shop for all things metal roofing. In addition to the panels we also manufacture many pieces of flashing, including custom pieces. You can find all of the flashing pieces we offer by checking out our Flashing Profiles, which correspond with the numbers next to the flashing terms.

, What is Roof Flashing?

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